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"£4billion - the amount spent last year on Gift Cards and Vouchers in the UK!*"

Gift cards, vouchers and e-vouchers are one of the most effective ways to provide rewards and incentives to customers and employees, because they have a much higher perceived value than cash. We provide tailored online and offline solutions, including secure e-code generation, online card reloads and secure online purchasing and programme management.

We provide solutions to businesses to penetrate different market sectors, supply secure processes and programme management. Our systems offer full end-to-end management of gift cards, voucher, e-vouchers and promotional codes. MBL Inspired has had many years of handling reward and incentive programs for some of the biggest players in the industry including Sainsbury's Business Direct.

Our services include:

  • Gift card/voucher set up and specification
  • Online sales and secure e-code generation
  • Fulfilment and process management
  • Customer care, account sales and marketing

Whether you're considering the gift card market or are looking to outsource your existing service, MBL Inspired will provide consultation and services to develop a gift card strategy to suit your business needs.

*Supplied by UKGVCA



    Retailer Benefits

    The key benefits of having a gift card or voucher offering include:

  • Extra sales.
  • Extra brand exposure.
  • Increased footfall.
  • Incremental spend in store upon redemption.
  • Gain competitive advantage.
  • New customer acquisition.
  • Ability to display cards and vouchers on the shop floor and in other stores.

    gift card and voucher set-up

    Customer Benefits

    The key benefits to your consumers include:

  • It's a flexible gift.
  • They get to choose their reward.
  • They get a gift they really want.

    Our Services

    Our services include:

  • Specialist account management.
  • Professional customer service team.
  • Tailor made order process management system.
  • Secure and seamless interface.
  • Business development – establish key partnerships and supply targeted marketing.
  • Design and manage a dedicated website.
  • Dedicated phone lines for sales calls and customer care.