Flexible Benefit & Voluntary Benefit Schemes

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MBL Inspired delivers bespoke voluntary and flexible benefits schemes developed to suit your business and employee needs.

We provide an integrated solution for flexible and voluntary benefit  schemes. Flexible benefit and voluntary benefit schemes provides your staff or members with access to retailer promotions and discounts not availble on the high street. The schemes are managed via your own branded website that will be designed and maintained in-house providing one overall solution.

Flexible Benefits

Allows the employee to have competitve discounts and benefits that would not normally be available to them. We will provide you with member login details and your own company branded website. All the management and fulfilment will be provided in-house, along with marketing material and a bespoke campaign to expose the benefits to your employees or members.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits compliments your benefits scheme to help increase the amount of benefits that are available to your employees. Voluntary Benefit is given by the employer but paid for by an employee through their own salary. The choice is made from the employee and helps keeps the overall costs of the scheme down for the business so their are advantages to both employees and the business.

    Business Benefits

    The benefits for implementing a flexible or voluntary benefit scheme include:

  • The ability for employees to tailor their own reward package to suit their needs.
  • A clear message that the company values their contribution.
  • The opportunity to reduce tax and NI payments.
  • Increases employees’ engagement with their package, giving it a greater financial impact.
  • Incremental spend in store upon redemption.

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    Employee Benefits

    The benefits to your employees include:

  • Engaging and empowering to make decisions about their benefits.
  • Packages can change to fit with life changes such as marriage and promotion.
  • Feel fairly and personally rewarded.
  • Opportunity to fully involve families in decisions.
  • Can reduce tax and NI payments.

    Our Services

    Our services include:

  • Specialist account management.
  • Professional customer service team.
  • Tailor made order process management system.
  • Secure and seamless interface.
  • Business development – establish key partnerships and supply targeted marketing.
  • Design and manage a dedicated website.
  • Dedicated phone lines for sales calls and customer care.